Welcome to ruralwaterdecisions.org -- a web-based decision support tool for rural water supply planning.

Rural water planners are often faced with difficult questions regarding the level of service and sustainability of their water supply networks. Should we increase the per-container fee to improve cost-recovery? If we do, what fraction of customers will revert back to using surface sources? How will the amount of water (and revenue) collected change after the price increase?

Using geospatial water point data combined with household source choice and demand models, the tool predicts households' water collection decisions. These predictions are used to provide planners with critical metrics, such as the number of households collecting from each source and the share of households using improved water supply.

The tool also allows users to conduct scenario analysis, providing insights into the effects of changes in price, quaility, placement, or availability of sources on households water collection decisions.

For more information on the underlying model please see, A decision support tool for rual water supply. For support, you can reach us at .

To predict households' water collection decisions we need to gather some information about the water network. To start, we need the location, price, and quality of each source in the network.

Water source data can be uploaded using an Excel file (a sample file is included here). If you have data on your water network to upload, make sure it follows the formatting of the sample file, and then use the 'Import Data' button to upload your file. If you are using the sample data, first download it before importing.

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Output of your analysis can be found here.

We hope this can help you make planning decisions. For scenario analysis we encourage you to dowload these results, and then re-run the tool using the 'edit table' feature to estimate the effects of changes in source prices, quality, location, or availability.

To run the tool again click here (make sure you have saved your results!).

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